Bossino Lighted Shower Head - 8" Round rainfall shower head

LED Shower Round 8" rainfall shower head

Transform your bathroom with this ULTRA THIN lighted rain shower head which is only 2mm thick, that's about 1/16" of an inch! You won't believe your eyes and neither will your next house guest. Enjoy the modern sleek thin design and be reassured that its made of solid stainless steel.

  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • Chrome Finish
  • Comes in ROUND style
  • Clear rubber nozzles allow for easy cleaning if clogged by debris.
  • Color changes according to temperature of the water.
  • Lights are powered by the water pressure - no electrical wiring is needed.
  • Auto Temperature Detected Light Color Change!
    - When water temperature is below 29 degree Celsius lights glow BLUE.
    - When water temperature is between 30 degree to 39 degree Celsius lights glow GREEN.
    - When water temperature is above 40 degree Celsius lights turn RED.


Blinking or flashing of colors may occur during temperature change or extreme temperature.  This may cause annoyance/irritation to people who are sensitive to light.  User discretion is advised.