Castle Bay Atlantic Mini Plus Sink

23" Radius Trend-Setter Stainless Steel Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

As the top selling line of kitchen sinks on our website, there are several reasons customers choose Castle Bay, here they are: Price-point: Plain and simple, you won’t find a better sink anywhere near Castle Bay's pricing. Quality: Castle Bay sinks are constructed using T-304 stainless steel. Highly corrosion-resistant due to its increased chromium (18%) and nickel (10%) contents, T-304 is far superior to the cheaper T-409 steel commonly used for sinks. And at 16-18 gauge, Castle Bay takes no shortcuts here; 16-18 gauge stainless steel is extraordinarily thick and durable giving you peace of mind that your sink will never bow or dent. All Castle Bay kitchen sinks come with a best-in-the-business limited lifetime warranty. 

Product Overall Size: 23" x 18" x 9"

Product Features:

  • Fully covered under Castle Bay' limited lifetime warranty
  • Constructed of 18 gauge premium grade T-304 stainless steel 
  • Commercial-grade satin finish - highly scratch and stain resistant
  • Padded, undercoat applied over rubber pads to reduce sink noise while in use
  • Included Free: Stainless steel basket strainer (sink drain assembly)
  • Single bowl 23" sink with radius corners
  • Undermount installation; fits 24"+ cabinets
  • Flat bottom design, some residual water/wetness may occur 
  • Unique square strainers 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Technologies and Benefits:

  • Extra Thick, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel: Short of paying thousands of dollars, 16 gauge is as thick as sinks come (22% thicker than 18 gauge; 36% thicker than 20 gauge). Thicker steel means a stronger sink (hence the lifetime warranty) while also offering a richer and more robust appearance to the finish that is easily discernible from the white-washed, cheap look of thinner sinks.
  • Premium Grade T-304 Stainless Steel: There are two primary types of stainless steel in the market: T-409 and the higher quality T-304. The difference lies in chromium and nickel contents; T-409 with 11% and .5% respectively, T-304 with 18% and 10%. When added to steel, these two metals prevent oxidation and rust by neutralizing sodium chloride (salt) – a common element in everyday kitchens. While cheaper sinks use T-409, Castle Bay sinks boast T-304, further lending to the lifetime warranty.
  • Sound Insulated: Sound insulated steel is commonly only thought of in the automobile industry. There, auto manufacturers use spray-on “Stone Guard” insulation to provide for a quieter ride and protect the steel. Borrowing this technology and adding to it, Castle Bay sinks use Stone Guard insulation, sprayed over rubber sound dampening pads to create a noticeably lower-tone and overall quieter kitchen sink. It also protects your cabinet from underside condensation drips.